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Fishing no longer happens at Riverine Woods. You may contact us at to avail Mahsser Fishing Packages in other parts of the Himalayas such as Bhikiyasen & Pancheshwar.

Golden Mahseer (Barbus Tor Putitora)- An apex species and similar to the Humpback Mahseer found on the Cauvery River. The largest fish caught within the beat has been approximately eighty pounds.

Trout - Not found in the immediate proximity of the lodge, due to the presence of the Mahseer, but reasonably prevalent further downstream.

Goonch - Large bottom feeder, growing up to 200lbs - a hunt for this species requires extensive preparation.

  • Fly Fishing - local experts have landed up to 10lb fish on the fly, but this fishing technique is generally unknown in India.

  • Bait Fishing -

    (a) Live Bait - Popular with local anglers, who have a high success rate, especially in murky water.

    (b) Attar or Ragi Paste - Dough based preparation that is compressed into a ball on the hook. Useful in pools and slower water, and experience has shown that the larger the ball the larger the fish...

  • Spin Fishing
  • Hand Nets - These are small hand woven nets approximately 90cm by 90cm utilising stone weights, which are used by local villagers.

Well versed in methods two and three above, lack of good fishing accessories and prices of imported tackle has meant effective exclusion to locals - ironically to those who know the river and surrounding area the best. The Tiger Reserve in conjunction with the Mahseer Conservation Society and local government, has introduced a Ghillie Training Programme to encourage, develop and support local participation. Please bring your own tackle, including rods, spinning reels, spinners and lures. Accommodation consists of five individual cottages, set back from the river, each of which has a bedroom with twin beds, bathroom and dressing room with an external covered veranda, overlooking the valley.
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