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Getting There

One can get to Corbett NP, , one can take any of the following options:

  • Drive from Delhi via Moradabad, Kashipur and Ramnagar: 6 hours

  • Overnight air-conditioned train # 5311 from Mathura Jn. railway station (departing at 2315 hr.) to Lal Kuan (arriving at 0845 hr.) and then 2.5 hr. drive via Kaladungi.

  • Overnight air-conditioned train # 5013 from Old Delhi railway station (departing at 2245 hr.) to Kathgodam (arriving at 0615 hr.) and then 2 hr. drive via Kaladungi.

  • Overnight air-conditioned train # 5013A from Old Delhi railway station (departing at 2245 hr.) to Ramnagar (arriving at 0500 hr.) and then 15 min. drive to Tiger Camp. Thereafter by jeep to Riverine Woods.
Whilst the camp is open all year round, fishing is closed from the 15th June to the 30th September each year. However, there are plenty of other activities nearby for which Riverine Woods makes an excellent base.

How you get to the camp will depend largely on the time of year you wish to visit, and the details below give an indication of gaining access to the resort throughout the seasons.

The Ramganga is high and the current fast, so access to the resort is a four kilometre journey from Chimtakhal Gate through the forest along a jungle trail, down to the valley and lodge - a 2 kilometre jeep ride and a 2 kilometre walk. This route is reasonable going, but requires a degree of fitness and surefootedness, depending on the local weather conditions. An alternative route, with a more traditional means of travel, involves catching an elephant from the nearby suspension bridge - a journey that takes approximately an hour and a half, and involves fording the river on a number of occasions.

The Ramganga will have fallen and is fordable near the resort and a local, temporary bridge is constructed each year, (which is washed away each Monsoon) so access can be gained via a pedestrian suspension bridge, followed by a 2.5km walk through Baluli Village, and on to the river crossing and lodge. This is an easier route than the one from Chimtakhal Gate.

A 4WD Jeep can now criss cross the river easily from the Suspension Bridge Roadhead to the lodge. This journey takes approximately 15 minutes and the ride is both rigorous and exciting.

The arrival of the Monsoon means that access to the resort is only via the game track from the Chimtakhal Gate, which depending on one's outlook, can prove to be the most personally satisfying way on reaching the resort.
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