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The Lodge

The cottages are all constructed from local materials - stone, mud and thatch - and are designed to compliment the surrounding area. There are Western style flushing toilets, with running cold and hot water.

All the cottages have been built to allow a throughput of breeze throughout the day. The lodge has been designed to provide a comfortable, welcoming and traditional environment to stay.

Food is prepared at the camp by our team on site, and consists of hygienic and wholesome food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided as part of the package, and would consist of Indian, Chinese and European cuisine. Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day. Meals are served in the dining room and sundowner drinks are available in the roundhouse near the river.

Bottled water is available, at a charge, but filtered water is provided on a constant basis. Strict attention is paid to hygiene throughout the resort.

Excluding guides, ghillies and river wardens, we have a permanent team of twelve staff, who provide all catering, cleaning and general housekeeping services. They are all employed from the local community, and are knowledgeable of the local area. The camp staff have proved themselves eager to help out in any aspect of your stay.

We do not encourage individual tipping, and any gratuities should be put in the box, provided for the purpose.. If you believe that someone is worthy of a special mention, please feel free to make a note in the visitors book.

In line of our philosophy of low impact on the environment, we have tried to minimise the use of electricity where possible. However, each room is equipped with an additional electrical socket for charging of camera batteries etc. An adaptor for use in India would be required.

Washing of clothes is available via the camp staff, using the traditional Indian method. There are a number of items which you should consider packing, which cannot be easily obtained locally.

Flashlight or Headtorch / Binoculars (10x50 is a useful spec) / Warm Jacket or Jumper / Waterproof Sandals (for crossing rivers) / Film (can be obtained locally, but can be dubious quality) / Spare Batteries.
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