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Wildlife Viewing

The nature of the habitat dictates the quantity, diversity and visibility of wildlife. Corbett is the oldest National Park opened in India and has a high tiger density but sightings aren't easy because of dense undergrowth.

The broadleafed forested hills and the riverine habitat offer a rich mix of wildlife. Apart from seeing big runs of Golden Mahseer and the giant catfish Goonch, the river is also frequented by the Common Indian Otter. Pythons have been seen around deep pools with dense vegetation around. Wild elephants, usually loners, occasionally visit this area. Sambhar and barking deer are commonly sighted and as it gets dark their echoing alarm calls indicate the presence of carnivores in the valley.

Nature trails along the river reveal pugmarks of leopards, tiger and spoor of the fishing cat. Ghoral, a shy species of goat antelope, is commonly sighted on the massive cliff faces and rocky gorges that edge the Ramganga. Another rare and extremely shy goat antelope, the Serow, has been sighted here and photographed for the first time in November 2004, perhaps the first photo evidence in this region
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